Not having that


Things where, no matter how much ‘evidence’ is provided, you’re simply not having it. My examples:

Tomato is a fruit
Not having that. If I asked someone to bring me back some fruit from the shop and they handed me a tomato, I’d be fuming.

Hot drinks cool you down when it’s hot out
Plenty of studies seemingly supporting this. It’s clearly nonsense.


That hot drink thing sounds like utter bollocks


The Tory party are not, in fact, good at handling the economy. They’re the toffs, they know all this money business.


Basically everything




Ahm oot


No such thing as a bad idea

No such thing as a stupid question

I can provide examples proving the existence of both.


It’s all about you and me,
Let’s talk abooooouuuut sweat


Hot water freezes quicker than cold water


Gonna need to see some supposed evidence for this



Oh, another one. Glass is technically a liquid. Nah, not having it - clearly (whey!) a solid.


Obvious bollocks, thanks.


That’s a “technically bees can’t fly” level of QI klaxon grade A bullplop.


Have a word, son


In some circumstances…

Yeah, sure mate.


*on this very site


Dogs don’t have eyes
I have clearly seen dogs that do, with my own ‘eyes’


That’s their nose


You are correct -