Not listened to the band "Envy" for a while

Good band though eh!

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I like the one where it’s quiet and then it’s loud.


Envy is the former name of a Norwegian duo that has changed their name to Nico & Vinz. For this duo, please change your ID3-tags!

I remember getting the split EP they did with Thursday.Tbh, I bought the Ep for the Thursday’s track - ‘As He Climbed the Dark Mountain’. But I loved the rest. :slight_smile:

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An Umbrella Fallen Into Fiction is amazing

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Great band.

Insomniac Doze is a tiring listen in one go mind! Could have mixed things a bit.

Suits the name

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What’s the one before Insomniac Doze? That’s proper good that! Those first couple songs are glorious.

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Crazy timing, this. Had my first Envy listen in ages on Wednesday evening.

Insomniac Doze is still terrific.