Not London

It’s good to live somewhere that you don’t have to keep banging on about to justify why you live there, isn’t it?

Also doesn’t smell.


but what do you talk about all day, if not london?

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In this thread, do we talk about:

  • Shit things about London that don’t apply to other places or
  • Good things that other places have that London does not


I’m not in London right now

I think we don’t even need to talk about anything to do with where we live, because it’s not some all-encompassing thing that needs to be discussed all the time.

So how’s your day been so far?

card games, mostly

Also London is one of those words where if you look at it for a few moments it just looks like a really stupid word

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I like visiting London. Imagine it would be Hell to live there


fave area of London?

Kings Cross/St Pancras


big fan of the west end myself

I’d heard that

have they replaced all the livery on SWT? I want one last ride in the old red seats.


People who don’t go to London and also bang on about their reasons for not going there are FAR more tedious, as if it’s a badge of pride to studiously avoid going somewhere interesting.



I go quite frequently and don’t talk about it because it isn’t interesting. How many London points does that get me?

I’ve started to really love Washington recently. One of the loveliest places in the U.K.

Worst badge of pride

  • People who don’t go to London and constantky bang on about their reasons for not going there
  • People who live in London and constantly bang on about the reasons they live there

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Met some people who didn’t live in London.

What’s the deal with that?

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