Not many good threads today


Anyone got anything in the bag?
Wanna put out a feeler first?

I’m looking for something controversial or trivial that people can really get riled up about


Sorry, I’ve got the day off innit.


I can’t guarantee good but I’m just about to unleash one.


thinking about starting one on ‘bridges to nowhere’


sorry been in meetings all morning



hey warny how comes your flag has changed to BE


I was thinking of starting one on dating profile pictures:

but I’ve never used a dating site so I feel like the wrong person to be starting it. Free to any takers


I didn’t mention corbyn once!!

Still shows the flag in mobile (I think)


If you do I will make at least one very uninteresting post in it.


Had high hopes for my three day weekend venture. Politics, workers rights, all sorts.


Everyone pictured looks irritating to me due to the nature of their pictures and therefore I would not date them


someone with a pro looking photo is an instant red flag






Month-end. Won’t have much from me this week


I just had to ban a CG-like troll on the music board.


“Furious wang” made me do a desk-snort-laugh


sorry :frowning:


Using a proper portrait lens (generally 50mm +) rather than the small wide-angle lenses found on phones and compact cameras does wonders for the flatteringness of photos. Wide-angle lenses distort faces badly.


They look like fucking stock photos.

Some people.