Not quite so SUNday


This long weekend and the accompanying weather has made me think it is summer. But I’ve still got just over 4 weeks to go, nnngh. Staggering over the line. Meant to be moving in 4 weeks too but I can’t relax until I know it’s all sorted and over with.

Did some packing this weekend so if things go tits up, I’ll not enjoy the unboxing.

Might do gym this morning and a few pints later. It’s a work thing and I’m just going to show face. Was trying to persuade the TV to come but I don’t think she’s keen.


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Managed to sleep in to 8 this morning. Heroic effort given I’ve not gotten beyond 6:45 for weeks.
Seeing some ATDs for brunch in a bit.
Kate Tempest was absolutely brilliant last night. Superb gig.


Slept badly due to the heat. Supposed to be going out for a curry later, but cba.


Lots of beer consumed last night. Stayed up til 3.30 round a pitfire, so pretty tired this morning, but not hungover which is surprising. Breakfast in a minute then drive to Buxton for a couple of nights away.


Having beans on toast with a few slices of fried spam for breakfast, then train home to Leeds. Couple in the local later I reckon. Stay rude everyone.


I don’t really know what day it is.

Haven’t done any exercise in five days. Should probably leave the house but I’m not convinced that will happen.


Woke up earlier than I intended due to the giant ball of fire in the sky making the room too bright. What’s that doing there?

I’ve not really got anything planned for today other than an application for a job I definitely won’t get. Might give up on it.

Has anyone actually got a job they thought they wouldn’t get and weren’t sure whether to apply for? This one’s mininum pay is £5k more than my job and they’re asking about salary expectations :joy:


Good Morning all :slight_smile:

Not feeling bad at all considering all the beers. I think three dinners might have something to do with this. I’d like to thank the tacos, the unbelievable steak, chips and gremolata and ahem… McDonald’s.

going to clean the flat today. Our box room has been a room full of boxes for far too long. From today it’s going to be a sewing/drum/fishing/craft room :muscle:


I drank lots of beer at the Crystal Palace beer festival. I wouldn’t say I’m hungover but I’m very tired.

My friends band played the festival, I enjoyed them but they didn’t really suit a typical football fans choice in music as they pretty instantly cleared the room, until they did one cover of a Strokes song when some came back.


Got in at 4am. Went to the most incredible gig last night, decided to go on my own as my mates were going to a shit bar. Wish I’d got some better photos but this sums it up somewhat


Been mooching around drinking coffee and playing with dinosaurs and playdoh before I go do a load of decorating. :dancing_women:


Got all the family round today…catering for 14 so hoping the sun stays out so they can all go in the garden. Already made potato salad, mushroom pate and some 70s style stuffed eggs

Tom Kerridge is on Sunday Brunch @Witches such a sexy man, finding it hard to get up and going again now I have noticed this


Just seen somebody cut a fried egg sarnie with scissors. These people exist


Spent the better part of yesterday in the pub watching football and… yep I’m feeling it.

Supposed to go to yoga now but :tired_face:


Also I have one week left on the country, what


Hello, I’m at passport control in Barcelona! Have arrived for primavera a few days early to work from here before my mates arrive on Tuesday. Absolutely shattered though, probably going to have a quick nap in the airbnb then find somewhere I can drink a few beers and read in the sun


Get yourself a mojito at Bar Rubi, best thing Barcelona has to offer


This sounds ideal, cheers! Are you going this year?


No, I can’t get the first six working days of the month off so haven’t been able to do the last couple years. I’ve done a couple long weekends in the city to somewhat make up for it though