Not really worth washing grapes and what have you, is it?


but…but what about the pesticides.…I hear you say

not sure tap water is gonna cut it, man

what else is not worth washing? little gem? shrooms? anything that isn’t gritty?

sure, why not


Always give them a rinse. Just hold a load in my hand and then put that under the tap. No drama.


If there’s visible mud then clean it you fud
If you can’t see shit then eat that grit


Get 'em peeled mate


waste of your hand, I reckon


I enjoy your grammatical work @Balonz, a perfect sentence.


You what?




I work with somebody who used to do a lot of work with pesticides and stuff. After seeing all the internal data about how water insoluble current generations of pesticides are (to stop rain washing them off etc), she now swears by this fruit/vegetable wash stuff she buys in bulk.

I don’t bother because I’m gangsta as fuck, obviously, but she might be on to something.






honestly don’t wash any fruit. rarely wash salad either.


got stung by a gritty little gem the other week. first time ever. spoilt my day, I can tell ya


mate i’d happily take almost anyone to town on this issue, but not you man, not you. wash you grapes, trust.