Not Rude Thread 🍊

'Tis the season to eat citrus fruits.

Record all your satsuma-y adventures here, my friends :blush::tangerine:


Always eating satsumas every week

Just bought a kilo of them

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This thread sponsored by @anon26275971 I hope x

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Satsumas eh, look kind of like a BUM don’t they!!!11

Everyone squashing together as mates, that’s how it should be.

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Would you like more brownies?

Oh yes, satsumas are just right at the moment

Love peeling a satsuma in one continuous loopy piece


Actual oranges are about 100 times better than a chocolate orange is my controversial (but correct) opinion for this evening

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Nice edit


Gonna buy some choc orange beers

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Fucking links

Delightful phrasing

I love citrus fruits.

have shoved the whole thing in before now

not rude


Just reminded me that I bought a grapefruit for breakfast when we went shopping last weekend.

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I prefer the peel it to make it look like lots of petals of some sort of made up flower that looks like it belongs in an old sci-fi b-movie method

(her been able to peel in a good spiral, though I can do that wirh apples and a suitable knife or peeler)

Saw pomelos in lidl last time I went in (several weeks ago) and regret not getting one. Bet they habe disappeared again by now.

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