Not so early daily thread

How have we got a selfie thread already but no daily thread?

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  • I feel slightly self conscious about using emojis on WhatsApp after reading things about how young people don’t use them and they’re seen as an old person thing
  • That doesn’t bother me

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Pretty hungover here after Kendrick and post gig drinks with @Aggpass
Had a good boogie in Wax bar with some mescal margaritas and a little wrestle with aggers, great night

Now on a 3 hour working group call and kinda regretting staying out until 1.30


Sorry that was me wasn’t it.

Embrace your inner old man and emoji away

It’s true though I think

Yeah it is but it doesn’t matter if you wanna use them

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It’s when I’m talking to an ex colleague on it who’s not even that young really but I’ve noticed he uses them very sparingly I suppose, just don’t wanna feel like a granddad

Anyway, I was meant to be in the office today, but I got in my car and a warning light came on, so I don’t think that driving forty miles is a great idea. Didn’t want to go into the office anyway - now I can go to the Basketmakers at lunchtime and try Gales Old Ale.

I popped around to the garage, and they reckon that it’s probably just a sensor that’s gone rather than something serious, but they won’t know until they hook it up to their machines.

Other option where I feel too old to know what lots of the emojis mean


Waterbabies has been cancelled today so im at a bit of a loss as to what to do with my day.

Had a vanilla crown and coffee for my breakfast :

It’s still Halloween in Chez s_w. :jack_o_lantern:

Finishing off my coffee while being nap trapped atm.


Wow, that was a good idea drinking all that cider last night and getting the train back to Manchester this morning and planning zoom meetings during the journey :smiling_face_with_tear:

Don’t want to make you guys jealous but I hung out with @1101010 last night :star_struck:


Have you heard of this great recipe involving aubergines and peaches?

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Lovely cold, sunny morning here.

Had no breakfast materials in the house so combined a bike ride with a trip to the bakery for a spiced bun and a flat white.

Not much else on. Might do something in the slow cooker for tea.


The original article that came and from quoted one reddit user saying that and then ran with it as an angle so i wouldn;'t worry too much :smiley:

Really into breakfast muffins at the moment. Nothing fancy, just with loads of butter and jam/marmite/peanut butter. It really is an improvement on toast.

Had a lovely morning walk today, beautiful out in brum. Have fun out there fools

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Sounds delicious :drooling_face:


Don’t want to make you guys jealous but I hung out with @scout last night.

The band room bar had gin but no tonic or orange so offered her the ‘classic’ combo of gin and ginger beer.

How can you have gin without juice?!


Alright? Got absolutely no plans for today and I’m very happy about it. Might make some kind of elaborate lunch.

It’s my birthday today, and what better way to celebrate than getting up early to spend 2 hours sorting out the kitchen before the boiler guy gets here!


HP BD HW! :cake:


Jake Bugg was flirting with the missus last night. Never liked that lad.

Off to a Damo Suzuki documentary q&a thing later.

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