Not So Secret Virtual Mixtape Santa 2021

Mixtape Club is currently in hibernation, but I know that a number of us enjoyed putting together end of year mixes for our venerable co-posters on these boards. In lieu of sending and receiving a jiffy bag of joy (not a euphemism), feel free to post a mix of your favourite tunes released this year. This can be:

  • A mixcloud continuous mix (fun to do, see below)
  • A spotify playlist
  • A youtube playlist
  • However else you might be able to do this


  1. No repeats from a single artist
  2. It must not exceed either: 80 minutes in length (i.e. i.e. fitting on an 80 minute CD) or 2 x 45 minutes (where each ‘side’ is half of the playlist) - and no crap about cassettes being 47 minutes long either…

As a starter, here’s mine:


Still not working, don’t know what I’m doing wrong!

I’m assuming you’re trying to post a link and it’s disappearing when it tries to preview, I get it with bandcamp links here sometimes, not sure of the reason.

Maybe try putting the link in under spoilers or something? It won’t embed, but people should be able to click through.

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Here’s a test to see…

Nice job @SenorDingDong, that’s done the trick - so if anyone else has issues with mixcloud, paste the url and then spoiler it, and it should work. Thanks again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I was just thinking today that there’d been no end of year mixtape yet.

Yes, no one seemed to be calling for it and having not received one last year and received no feedback for the one I sent, I thought I’d simplify things a bit…

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It’s a shame that happened.

I enjoyed the one I received but don’t think I got feedback either.

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I thought an upload version would give more people a chance to be involved with less faff and no ‘guilt’ issues :smiley:

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Into this. Work should be settling down soon so I’ll see what I can do

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Of course Big Thief will probably release another 8 singles off their new one before the end of the month one of which will likely be the greatest song ever written but I’ll do what I can


Finally, a secret Santa I can get on board with!

Mine is going to be so basic lol


Allcomers welcome!

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@funkycow sounds good, definitely fancy having a go.

Can I ask what software you use to put together your mixes?

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Audacity. Very easy and free, I can tell you how to do it.

Thanks, I’ve used Audacity in the past to rip tapes to digital but not too make a mix - I’ll have a go & give you a shout if I get stuck!

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You need the LAME mp3 encoder (which the audacity user guide / wiki will tell you how to get). It’s then just a case of using File > Import > Audio to ensure the new tracks you add appear in the same workspace (otherwise it will just open new instances of Audacity). Then use the Time Shift tool to move them along / overlap them and the Effect > Fade In / Fade Out tools to get rid of unwanted starts and ends (if necessary). Finally, Export as mp3.

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Thanks doesn’t sound much more complicated than the 16 year old eJay Mix Creator software I usually use! .

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Really enjoy putting these together but getting the time around Christmas is always a struggle, especially with DiS Secret Santa going on at the same time.

Last year I found my last blank CDs were corrupted and couldn’t get my hands on new ones anywhere before going home for Christmas. Ended up at home long term due to lockdown so I had to order some and then trudge to the nearest village in the snow to post it. The lengths I go to for mixtape club!

Actually slightly relieved to just do a Spotify playlist this year.

Still catching up on a few more 2021 albums first though.