Not trying to brag or anything but I think I've got the perfect amount of chest hair

Not too much, not too little.

i used to crave more but now i want my hairless chest back

Sorry you can’t have it its mine

Self consciously titled my phone away before opening this thread on the bus incase there was a photo :joy:


I’ve got loads of chest hair. Sexy.

And yet you opened it…

Might dye it the next time I dye my hair

Oh yeah, i wanted to compare to what i think is the perfect amount of chest hair

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It’s these healthy debates that speed the day along


If I was to guess I would say I am at the 20th centile on the hirsute male scale and I’m more than happy with that.

100 being maximum hair?

I would guess I’m about 80

That’s correct.

This surprises me about you but (to my great disappointment) never having seen you naked I will accept.

I’m surprisingly hairy.

I am surprisingly hairy. Hoorah!


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I’m pleased to say my hands aren’t nearly as hairy as my chest

Theres a pic of me topless on my instagram but not sure how much you can see it


I’d put myself at 93. Everywhere except on my head.

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Here we go;