Not trying to brag or anything but I think I've got the perfect amount of chest hair

45th centile

Mine is inconsistent, there’s more on one side than the other

If that’s 45 then I’m about 900 and I’m not even that hairy.

On my chest, anyway. Got an arse that would shame a gorilla.


Easy top 10% on this one; used to be self conscious now I kinda like it. Very handy for the winter


Also fun to play with in the shower (steady)

Same, in terms of how long it grows. I really enjoy mowing through it my beard trimmers now and again.

@avocado how does this compare to your perfect amount of chest hair pls? obvs jordans rockin’ bod is perfect, thats not in question

fuck me that puts me way up there then

Quite good

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i want more


Of Jordan? He literally did tbf

Oh yeah


Yeah I am still a little bit, but having had laser on my back (which was the bit I was most self conscious about) I feel a lot better about it.

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Ooh interesting, is it a long term fix? What sort of cost are we talking if i can pry? I don’t need to do it now but could see it getting useful later …


I think I have the perfect amount, actually - please consult the selfie thread two weeks previous for evidence.

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I had about 6/7 sessions over a year and now it’s basically done. Might need one session a year/18 months now to keep it off?

Costs vary on how much you need really, but obviously a full back on a hairier person works out a bit more

Much easier to get a good lather going with some chest hair involved


I think my chest hair amount was probably considered optimum about 50 years ago

My chest hair and facial hair is black

Got brown hair though