Not worth the hassle




everyone loves garlic but it’s too much hassle isn’t it? too fiddly





wtf? no


it is though. you ever tried peeling more than three cloves in a row? fucking nightmare

hands are reeking of it all morning too.



It’s no more fiddly than any other vegetable preparation though really, is it?


You’re insane. It is the most important thing in cooking. Buy better garlic that’s less fiddly.


I use one of these

also use a crusher which doesn’t require you to peel the cloves anyway


just use easy garlic, babes




i’m not saying it’s bad.

peeling the paper off each clove… eurgh. takes ages.


bollox mate. probably the easiest and most satisfying thing to prepare.

Massive heads of broccoli are not worth it. Just always get the long tenderstem things in a packet.


Sandwich toasters. What a load of fucking faff. Cutting off the crusts, buttering the outside, the washing up afterwards for 2 minutes of joy.

I just make toast, add the ham and cheese and whack it in the science oven for 30s and give it a good squeeze (ooh err) :hugs:


What the fuck is that. Nobody need whatever it is.


i’m not even sure what i’m looking at here


put cloves in silicone thing. roll thing on worktop: garlic = PEELED. use it waaay more than I assumed I would


the easiest thing to prepare?? the EASIEST?? come off it.

mushrooms ? like slicing through air. a joy.


toasties in the mircowave? hmm. not sold on this.


you don’t need to butter the outside though really. They’re all non stick. I just use the GF. ANy sandwich toasted is a billion times better as well. Yeah, I said ANY!1


Literally, absolutely nothing is worth the effort. Nothing.
Can’t wait to go on holiday.


Someone bought me one of these for secret santa once but it didn’t work? Or I couldn’t get the hang of it.