Not worth the hassle





is there a garlic emoji? :garlic: nope




oh fucking hell it is still about garlic


you don’t have to read it, you could jump in with another example


cant, still furious at that squeezy garlic someone suggested




Anyone else tried a garlic beer?



oh god this makes me feel ill
why do you need to consume chicken wings quickly cause i must have my meat asap


it’s just less messy, and strangely satisfying


try eating one with a knife and fork and see how far you get


It’s not the speed it’s the ease.



alright, was just making a curry and the garlic was a joy to chop, if you’d have said ginger you could’ve had my vote.



Soft boiling an egg.

Tasty, sure, but fuck that shit.


pretty much no effort involved in boiling an egg to any given state.


Gonna make chili tonight, actually kind of looking forward to doing the garlic. Makes me feel like I’m ‘doing cooking’.


Pan, water, time.

Give me a Picnic.


the chocolate bar ? god awful things.


oh god, fuck that, man.