Not worth the hassle



starting to think preparing butternut squash is too much effort now. takes fucking AGES to peel, you get orange gunk all over your hands which is a complete arse to get rid of, and if i’m chopping up a big one then often i’m not even strong enough to do it. major PITA.



@japes just squash the garlic under a knife and it comes off easier


I didn’t think you were saying it’s bad, I just mean it’s definitely worth the effort.

Morrisons garlic is always bigger and less faffy I find compared to Sainsbury’s who always seem to have these tight little horrible bulbs. They’re awful.

Also, can’t you get that metal thing you rub your hands on to get rid of the garlic smell?


a sink?


the one I have is kind of knobbly on the inside, and you also need to push down a bit. works brilliantly.

a teaspoon works well


I only buy big garlic so it’s not so fiddly.
I’ve wanted to make a 100 clove garlic curry but that’s something I can’t be arsed with.


fancy coffee.

really good obviously but there’s a time and a place. if i’m at work i’m not assembly an aeropress and fucking measuring the exact grammage of water i’m putting in it four times a day. fuck that.


I binned it.

Now I do the crushing method or I just cut the end bit off and drag the skin off


starting to come round to this idea too. only at weekends isn’t it.



Think I genuinely prefer crap coffee most of the time. A lot of the posh stuff tastes fucking acrid.


I do! it’s easier but it’s not easy is it? FAFF


Do you slice the squash into disks before chopping off the peel? That’s much quicker than trying to peel it like a potato.


enjoy your rustlers ya lazy get


Nope. This -!49!3!221029299808!!!40289165657!&ef_id=WYq46AAABPF7iJj3:20170913111739:s


Looks like some sort of multi-coloured Mexican delicacy


how often is this an issue tho? like you eating a squash a day?
once a year maybe??




probably once a month, sometimes more


How the hell are you peeling it? It’s so easy and quick!?