Not worth the hassle



why would I want this
i want my hands to smell of garlic
i also want my partner to have garlic breath when i kiss him
is that too much to ask


See above ^^^


Peeling potatoes. Just leave the skins on man.


Other brands are available. They also come in jars.


Mainly agree, but hot tuna sandwiches are a bit rank


Once a month? How are you having it?

You can buy it already chopped up or mashed. or in squaffle form.

These are shit btw but i just like to say squaffle


the actual fuck is this


garlic is worth any level of hassle



We roast it, and have it in salads or risotto quite a bit.


Good to know they’re shit. Was just grabbing my wallet to run to sainsbos


As @plasticniki pointed out… a spoon would do too!


i’m starting to think there might be something wrong with my garlic technique since no one else ITT finds it such an unbearable hardship


Straight Men


i’m going to rub my hands on a spoon right now to test this


obvs I’m not buying ready-prepared stuff, I’m not a mug

b’nut squash in: risotto, curry, laksa, soup…


If you soak a garlic clove in water for about fifteen minutes before chopping the papery skin just slides off.


Television series.
Sorry m9s, I’ve seen bits of both Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad and you’re just massively wasting your time, which I suspect is kind of the point :frowning:


You were all over the ready meals thread!!!



(was I? last time I bought a ready meal which wasn’t pizza was when we had no kitchen)


Every time we go to sainsburys i go to the section with all these funky re-purposed veg in (courgette spaghetti! butternut squash lasagna sheets! Squaffles!) and my bf tells me to step away from the squaffles and i yell but i need my squaffles!