Not worth the hassle



Also thing this is bollocks. Using an aeropress takes no time at all. Stop being wrong about things.


@japes doesn’t even have a few seconds to peel this himself! He’s not waiting 15 mins for it to soak in water.


Removing tomato skins

why do people do this
I saw it as an advert for a boiling water tap and they’re like “it’ even prepares your tomatoes”


Leeks make a good lasagna substitution, but tbf it’s probably Not worth the hassle of splitting the layers and rolling them out into sheets…


I’ll remove tomato skins for certain fishes





time yourself peeling a head of garlic. start to finish.

you’re not doing it in under a minute. NO FUCKING WAY … “a few seconds” get tae


which fishes are worth it?





I’m busy tonight but I will do this.


can’t believe that worked. what is this witchcraft?




what day and age to we live in where someones taken a hammer to a head of cauliflower and they’re calling it couscous




Haha did it??? I’ve never actually tried it. How very exciting.


This thread has made me proper hungry. Might go have a pop tart.


Crab linguine :+1:


to have even more of an effect, run your fingers under cold running water and rub with a spoon at the same time


That is definitely Not Worth The Hassle