Not worth the hassle





almost no hassle, you’re going to wash up anyway


seriously tho you’re a psycho if you don’t have garlic fingers and go “mmm my fingers smell of garlic” with a smile on your face


I use one of these, unless the recipe explicitly says that the garlic should be whole or whatever

It’s not really that much hassle.


there’s me like a complete mug, been using hot water and soap this whole time when i should have been using cold water and spoons


yeah, obvs it’s fine, but not the next day at work when you’re eating chocolate at your desk


Still or sparkling?


is chocolate and garlic not a thing? like chilli and chocolate?


Making your own pasta


I’m glad one aspect has been resolved. Now let’s get you deskinning those bulbs like a pro!


I bought some garlic fudge once. It was absolutely disgusting.


See jamie oliver is always banging on about just shoving the garlic clove straight into the crusher without peeling first
and i’m here to call him out on his bullshit!
You get half the amount of garlic that way cause the skin stops it going through the press so much!


“Garlic… Fudge?.. Garlic… Fudge?”

P. Kay 2017


Well this is a far too sensible answer for this thread.


Our endless routine of drudgery


it takes about 10 seconds (at the most) to peel a clove of garlic. I don’t trust any of his time-saving techniques.


right. compare garlic to chilli. both a great bunch of lads.

chilli = chop chop. done.

garlic = separate the cloves from the bulb. bin all the outer paper. then smash each individual clove. then peel each individual clove. then chop them up really finely, because you can’t have big chunks of garlic in whatever it is. then you’ve got to spoon your hands.



Hi everyone

I use frozen garlic and buy ready cut up squash in a bag.



chilli seeds though? and you might wanna remove the white veiny bits?

obvs I just leave the seeds in and leave the white bits


The only jamie oliver thing I do is I throw things from a height like a herb or salt and pepper but this then causes different issues because i try to get as high as possible and end up covering half the kitchen in coriander