Not worth the hassle



nope, in they go




I like to do Jamie Oliver impressions while cooking, specifically a reenactment of the time he cried because working class people didn’t want to cook



Yeah, it is a massive faff. But worth it.

Just start loving it. There ya go.


Alright, Afroman


So wrong. Living in Southern England though, HASS.


the posh stuff is way too rich and ‘fruity’ for me, clive. Much like craft beers.

douwe egberts all the way for me.


i like to pour a pint that is 4/5th head


Regardless of the ease (or lack of ease), you’re ignoring the fact that peeling garlic or onions is the most satisfying bit of the whole preparatory process.


Alternatively: ignore that first part and later rub chilli in your eyes EVERY FUCKING TIME FOREVER.


topping up oyster cards. just use my bank card like a wanker now.


i think part of my annoyance was that i don’t prepare everything in advance ready to chuck in at the right time, but i’ll chop the onion then start cooking it then move onto the garlic by which time the onions have been on the go for about four hours


Tell you what isn’t worth the hassle: this homity pie recipe from pieminister. Prep time: at least an hour; result: a fairly okay pie.


clip on shoes for bikes. worth it for a long ride out in the country, but a massive pain in the arse if cycling through town.


I think you need to stop blaming garlic for your personal failures



Mum has one of those. I’ve never bought one but always wanted one.


I was given 10 uncooked pie minister pies by the pie minister people at Isle of Wight festival when I worked there last year. Binned the lot on the ferry home, obviously.


BASICALLY, if it is just you, or one other person, spending over 30 mins prep time making your dinner.
People that midweek seem to spend about 2 hours making a dinner. Get over yourself!!1


it’s certainly never worked very well at my appraisals