Not worth the hassle



must be one of those things that we take for granted down south, but is considered a luxury in the scottish steppes.


Then your annoyance is with yourself, japes.


YSC, they’re exceptional pies.




Oh, I’ve bought their pies before and they’re lovely. Just not really worth the hassle of making (though if I’d bought pastry then I could have saved myself time, I guess)


they’re okay, but I’d had a few over the weekend already, and the ones I received where the shit ones they couldn’t sell. Think about 5 of them were vegetable pies and the others had shit like chili in them.


the veggie ones are great YSC


won’t find any here


Going to Nunhead


nah m9.


didn’t enjoy the pub?


Meat on the bone. Especially chicken.

It’s a bit better usually but it’s not worth the hassle.


chicken thighs = major hassle
chicken thigh fillets = yaas now



This is definitely worth a go. Will try it in the name of of science!


Nescafe or Nescafuckoff!


u wot a505


why do people want chicken wings… theres fuck all there…


Biggest waste of time of all human endeavours.


That which is there is delicious. They’re like meat artichokes