Not worth the hassle



there’s something satisfying about jamming the whole lot in your mouth and pulling out the clean bones




fucking love doing this.




Cut off sliver at the bottom.
cut off sliver at the top.
Slice down back.
Peel off skin in one piece.


if it was one clove it would just about be alright, but you’ve got to do that ten times!!!


They are like a shit, first draft of ribs really, aren’t they?


‘Ours has added ‘hippity dippity doo dah’ jazz hands’



there’s a new chicken wing restaurant opening near my work and i am very excited


Is it called

The Beatles


Is it Hooters?


it is not.


Absolute fucking shambles of a thread.


bet you try washing your hands with a spoon though


er these are like the easiest thing ever, just chop off a few bits in seconds. only problem is them going off before you’ve got through it all


I just cook it whole and cut chunks off afterwards.


It was always going to go full Pizza Scissors from the OP. Strong trolling from Japes.


This is a bit Patrick Bateman.


Nah, bits get everywhere, and there’s always too much of it. plus, the broccoli spears are tastier.


love it when apparently sane users casually out themselves as psychopaths.