Not worth the hassle



Home brewing


You carve your roast chicken up before you chuck it in the oven then?



Hard to put the blame anywhere else but @japes feet


it’s so not the same, man. don’t try and claw your way out of this .


Definitely not this.




FUCK, stitched up again.


This has revolutionised wings for me


guys is this thread all about garlic ,m I got to 70 posts


I might actually try it as an experiment now though…


It was fine I guess


it takes less than 30 seconds though - It’s not worse than chopping most other fruit or veg?

Find peeling carrots more irritating, for example


lets be real, the beer you get from home brewing tastes like swill, and all your pals who have forced a pint down are just being polite about your hobby.


I don’t need to take this. I’m going to hideout in the homebrew thread.


Shopping. I just eat it or ruin it all anyway, what’s the point?


you need a garlic crusher that separates the skin from the garlic.


like pnik’s garlic tube up there^


Never heard it called etc


I could have scrolled down and seen that couldn’t I but no. I chose to reply without reading 170 posts about garlic. When will I ever learn !!


More like Richie_Wrongo!!!