Nothing happening but transfers football thread

Oooooh, Everton have bagged Pickford.


We’re being linked with George Boyd which I would be happy about

Still find it ridiculous the price quoted for Morata

Looks like we might be signing Danny Ward off Rotherham, which will be good, I quite rate him - despite them being relegated.


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Apparently we’ve finalised the Salah deal, pleased with that. Wouldn’t be too disappointed if the Oxlaid Chamberlain rumours are true either.

Still pissed off about the van Dijk mess, he would’ve been just super.

On the subject of that though, I noticed yesterday Mourinho had ‘convinced Morata to join, and a bid would be submitted today’. Isn’t that the same thing as van Dijk?

Salah always looked pretty good I thought, but why are Liverpool buying more attacking wingers

Could do with a pace option when Mane’s not around. Fucked our January right up, that.

Also, pace on the other side, drop Countinho back into the top of the diamond - oof.

Wouldn’t he be away when Mane is though?

Closer each day, Mane’s Away


Depends, clubs can grant permission to talk to a player without a fee having necessarily been agreed.

Basically “tapping up” is impossible to actually police and fuck knows what you had done to warrant the reaction you gave

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absolutely no idea whats going on at Chelsea. Doesn’t look like Costa wants to go to China, so we’ll have to take less money for a European move. Atletico can’t sign up so he’ll probably go to Italy or something.

Bakayoko, done? Lukaku, done?

Deportivo: have entered talks to sign Victor Valdes.

I’m looking forward to hearing which released Championship player will become our marquee signing!!!

Reckon Costa will go to AC Milan if/when we finalise Morata then Lukaku to you, Pickford to Everton etc etc

yeah, I reckon he’ll go on loan though.

To Milan? No need, they’re megabucks now innit

Klopp had been sending him videos of the liverpool games and explaining what his role would be in the team for the 2nd half of last season.
Liverpool are on a junior transfer ban for tapping up and another offence at senior level could lead to a proper transfer ban so they bottled it and apologised

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Nothing happening! Confederations Cup(!) starts this weekend!

Shotgun Chile!

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I still anticipate an entire summer of being dicked about by Everton. They don’t want to sell and have enough money to be awkward. It’s all gone quiet on the Ross Barkley front though - Everton have effectively put him on the doorstep for anyone to pick up and no one seems particularly interested.


Not if he got injured. Africa - yes. Need a decent bench anyway, you’ve got clubs like Chelsea bringing on Pedro, William and Fabregas, and we’ve got some kids and Moreno. Origi continues to disappoint me.