Nothing happening but transfers football thread



what a shower :’)


From a purely footballing standpoint, I do wonder how well Ronaldo would do elsewhere now he’s a pure number 9. Probably at his best for a few years because he’s distilled his game just to supreme movement in the box and finishing. Basically an entirely different footballer to the one Man U sold in 2010.

Think he was so good for Madrid this season because of how good the service was from Modric, Marcelo, Isco, etc. It’d be interesting to see how he’d fare with lesser quality service. Think he’d actually do pretty well at Man U, if you imagine him in Ibra’s role from last season, with a few better conversation rate

(maybe the most reprehensible sportsman on the planet, like, if that needs adding)


[redacted - don’t want to know]


Joe Hart’s going to Arsenal.

Cech demoted to Cups 'keeper.


I didn’t realise until this morning that Ade Boothroyd was under-21s manager.

Almost as silly as Gareth Southgate being the senior manager…


So whilst I’ve been on my holibobs we’ve gone from being heavily rumoured to be getting rodriguez, griezmann and fabinho for a shade over 200m to dier, perisic and morata for a shade under? (and ronaldo for 1bn)


Though we must have anticipated Griezmann falling through, seems the summer isn’t going to plan so far. And while Ronaldo’s throwing his toys out of the pram, Madrid are less inclined to sell us Morata. Probably end up signing Sanogo on deadline day.

  • Chelsea in crisis?
  • Slow news week?

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Slow football week, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:



looks at fixtures oh…


Are we having dedicated posters to update us on the likelihood of ConfedCupDingers?

I don’t want to be involved but I would enjoy other people doing it.*

*much the way I imagine teams in the Confed Cup feel.


Hoping a prem club sign up Gianluigi Donnarumma so the papers can use the headline:

Donna Rumma - I feel glove


the dinger is on tomorrow, and I will be on standby with the klaxon.



I will be watching today’s game. I do not expect any dings to be hummed.


Who’s showing it? Might stick it on at work


ITV in the UK! I’ll be watching it through the horrendous medium that is the RTÉ Player.


Oooh excellent. I’ll give that a watch I reckon. Oh god RTE player…


Even that .gif is triggering a violent rage within me. Might just fuck off over to the local for it, if they’re not showing Gaelic football that is.

EDIT: Yessss, nothing is clashing with the game. Shandon is going to get to watch a proper :toilet: game today.