Nothing happening but transfers football thread


Really lookong forward to Bernardo Silva doing his ligaments against a bunch of binmen in the first round of this.


Blue bit behind the nets kind of reminds me of Giants Stadium in USA '94.



Discussing new rules for footyball. I’m for the stopping the game after a missed penalty, goal kicking a moving ball and from the same side, red cards for stopping goals with hands, penalties for backpasses.

The stuff to combat time wasting just seems like a way to insert commercials into games, so that can fuck off.

Also I don’t know if this has been covered before, but Yeovil’s new kit has three stars on their badge. The logic is that it’s one for eah five years in the league. We’ve been in the league for 14 years. So embarrassing and small time. :frowning:


Dani Alves! Crikey. Nice work City. A signing for all of England.


Need to keep our quota of off-the-pace full backs up.


You’ll be able to add another when you inevitably knock us out of the Canteloupe Cup on pens…


That’s Zabaleta, Sagna and Clichy replaced and upgraded substantially, then!


Ronaldo isnt going anywhere


Literally no one thinks he is, but we’ll still have to hear about it every day because it allows papers to churn out endless unsubstantiated rubbish to fill their sports pages


It’s finally time:


remembering how great it was to watch Mexico in the last World Cup - they had a mad manager too.

Excited for next year!



That Hernandez header for the Mexico goal was great.


Ties? You bet




If Linfield get through the first round of CL qualifying, Celtic will play them in round 2, in Belfast on 11th or 12th July. That’s a perfect storm right there.


Oh Jesus Christ


Cork City FC drew Levadia Tallinn in the First Qualifying Round of the EL. Pretty happy with that. Looking forward to the home game.


Chelsea have emerged as surprise contenders for Ronaldo, with owner Roman Abramovich ready to pay a world-record fee for the 32-year-old. (Sunday Express)

Wouldn’t actually mind watching Ronaldo tarnish his career at Chelsea, like every other Abramovich fantasy football signing, tbh.


For the uninitiated, can I ask a couple of questions:

  • Linfield - are they, like, generally a ‘protestant’ team?
  • 12th July - Marching Season right?