Nothing happening but transfers football thread


Yes to both.


Fucking great


It would help restore the Chelsea unlikeability factor. We’ve become far too nice.




marketing really kicked up a fuss after Tezza left this summer, didn’t they.


worth a trip to Tallinn for the away leg

great place


it actually looks like we might get Brave JT


Not sure I can afford it but would love to go. Have never been abroad for a Cork City game.


yeah, it’s only 10 days away too. Bit short notice I guess



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  • Obviously he’s staying at Real you mugs

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Bostik Smart Adhesives League.

Deary me.


Can’t see that name sticking.


It genuinely wouldn’t surprise me if he went to Man U. What is reprehensible is them chucking 750k a week and 100+million at a player. Never mind one whos 32 and MUST start slowing down at some point.



Genuinely reckon Bale’d do a better job than Ronaldo at any Premiership side anywho


He’s constantly injured and i don’t think Ronaldo would exactly struggle in the premier league.

He’ll play as a 9 if he comes (which he wont)


maybe true

but the market for Utd replica jerseys with BALE on the back is miniscule compared to the CR7 marketing juggernaut


I sincerely hope Ronaldo doesn’t come to the Prem - I’ve spent the past year telling my son not to toe punt the ball - two years of watching the oiled one do nothing but just that from increasingly ludicrous distances and angles isn’t going to help me turn the son and heir into the next Gordon Cowans.


Nah he’ll be reet, and he’d be better, and for longer.


Luka Modric is Real Madrid’s most important and best player and has been for the last 3 years or so.


thats probably veering on a hot take now, bud.