Nothing happening but transfers football thread


There’s no legislation against them as far as I’m aware, think it’s more widespread in Spain as, given the comparative weakness of their lower tiers, they haven’t been able to utilise the domestic loan market for their promising kids in the same way English clubs have. They kind of operate more on those terms tbh.

But yeah, I can’t immediately think of any actual examples for domestic transfers tbh.


Hope you didn’t go through the Wikipedia pages of all sixteen players for this post, mate.


Oh god, I’ve just flicked itv on and there’s a big band rendition of don’t look back in anger before the anthems…


Pretty unfair of Paris to remind Manchester of the worst thing it’s ever produced imho.


Le Tournoi is going well


something something Phil Jones not from Manchester


Pickford to Everton seems a really good fit on paper. He needs a decent level, they need a decent keeper.


Everton: Decent. Never more, never less (except when they play someone you want them to beat)



No chance, Pards is going to Leeds apparently.

Pellegrino, Dyche and De Boer are the current favourites.


That penalty: U fukin wot m8?


would be helpful if the video refs knew the rules


By the current rules it’s a red card.


ah red card - let double down on the stupidity


Harry Kane: doing what he does best




All right Tim Farron


Little bit confused by Stones taking it into the corner flag there.


RIP Gary Cahill


just a second-rate Anthony Martial

(swearing isn’t part of my personal brand)