Nothing happening but transfers football thread


Reassuring that we’ve found a way to be outclassed since the sending off.


Ngl I dislike Deli Alli #controversial


tbf, we are playing against the best and most expensive midfielders in the world (both Paul Pogba)


You can only assume he just couldn’t see Sterling, otherwise not putting that ball through for him is pretty damn unforgivable.


Casually slagging off various Russian cities there.


he got up in Koscielny’s (le) grille a few minutes ago.


loads of little micro aggressions, can’t be arsed with that


Really feel like these lads should be on their holidays at the moment.


he’s an angry young man.





France are bloody good, utterly no shame losing against them tbqh


So first international break 3 weeks into the new season. :scream:


can we get a lip-reader? pretty sure he says something snarky and mean after waving.


I have no idea who Aaron Creswell is.


like Spain before their imperious spell. this team should really win everything for the next 4/6 years.


Third best team in Europe behind Wales and uh, Portugal.


We are similar. They’re like our players, except really good.


well obviously Wales are the best right now. we’re talking about potential, Ruffers.


“release the hounds”