Nothing happening but transfers football thread


Dembele and Mbappe for £200m + fellaini and jones please mou


Booing your own players for losing by one goal away in Paris :joy:


Who’s the funniest team we could realistically get knocked out by next summer? Would love Iceland again but realise that’s probably not possible.

Someone like Japan would be good.


Iran or New Zealand


You’ll at least avoid the Kiwi banana skin because it looks like we will have to play Argentina (!) in a qualification playoff. Though if we do qualify, a dour 0-0 that puts England out on goal difference is exactly the sort of game that both teams specialise in. Tommy Smith playing a blinder, Andrew Durante humping long balls to Chris Wood forever, Marco Rojas looking like Gareth Bale, that sort of thing.


Worth a read:


Sounds horrific


So is Victor Lindihop a RCB or LCB?

Would he partner Bailly comfortably?


Pwopah funny that Stockdale mugged off Brighton to go to Birmingham! But what about Brighton’s facilities!!11


like every year then?


£20 million bid from the geordies for Tom Cairney REJECTED

game’s gone



Donnarumma will NOT renew his contract at AC Milan. Sad.


Gianluigi Done-a-runner!!


Top-tier posting from a top-tier poster.


you’re welcome to take this and garner some #numbers


Hmm, not sure it’ll fly but it’s worth a shot!


you’re far, far too kind




Sounds like Juve have been using Szczesny as a way to force Donnarumma’s/Raiola’s hand.

They’re twats but I’m glad he’s not actually going there. Need to get him on a new contract