Nothing happening but transfers football thread


Would you say that, in this situation, Juventus have been Szczesney hawks?


Thought Fabinho was an ideal signing for United but according to the BBC article on Lindelof joining Mourinho has “no interest” in him and he won’t be coming.

Absolute must we address DM and I’ve no idea who we’ll be in for.


considering you splashed £90m on Pogba, probably getting Rodrigo Possebon back in a £40 million coup


Seems highly likely


Yes I would Kent.


Quite pleased for Aberdeen that McInnes isn’t going to Sunderland although that might be because I think he’d do an OK job there.

Seems to be loads of managerial vacancies this summer. Might get my CV updated and put some covering letters out.


Aggpass is on fire :fire: in here. Pushing you back into my top three DiSers mate!


He was pretty terrible when he managed Bristol City, if I remember rightly.


I remember that too, but he’s got to be a better manager now than (4?) years ago, hasn’t he?


Donna Summer (transfer saga)


Young lamb Donna spits in the faces of AC Milan


Article in the Mirror saying that Michael Appleton is going to leave Oxford and work under Craig Shakespeare at Leicester. Would be absolutely gutted if he left - he is the best thing that has happened to our club in years. I’m not relaly sure if it makes sense for an ambitious young manager to leave a job where he is highly regarded as being ‘on the up’ for a number 2 job (even though it is in the Prem)…but I hope it’s not true whatever.



I used to work with someone who applied for the Luton Town job, without a shred of self-awareness or irony, about 18 months ago on the basis of his FM exploits.

He even put feelers out to Jimmy Bullard and Mick Harford for coaching roles.

Bloke was genuinely crestfallen when the rejection came.

Last I heard he was assistant manager of a Non-League reserve side in Northern Ireland somewhere.


You lot are signing Liam Lindsey from us for peanuts because Scottish fitba :weary:


Do we have any Everton fans on here? Big spending from them so far innit, will Klaassen be a good signing @aboynamedgoo??


It begins…


Also Ricky van Wolfswinkel has gone to Basel putting him into the Champions League… good for him!


It’s our club record I think! Really hope we can get him though, from what I’ve seen on Youtube he is class…and seems super highly regarded!

But then equally if this Appleton stuff is true then that is pretty destabilising, he might go somewhere else :grimacing:


Oh he was easily Thistle’s best player last year, sad to see him go but also sadly inevitable I think