Nothing happening but transfers football thread


I wish Palace would hurry up and appoint a manager, there’s yet another favourite in the betting in Frank de Boer. It seems Pellegrino is now favourite for the Southampton job.

Would de Boer be a good appointment?


Spending the Romelu money before it arrives, shirley?


More likely the Barkley money?




Aye, you’d have thought so, their new owner is spendier than the last one though innit.


Might be a statement of intent to try to get one of the two to stay, but the gap between them and the top 5 is far too big to bridge in one summer without crashing £hundredsofmillions


You are SO cheeky! It’s devilish!


14 is a bigger number than 8


I heard that too actually.



#‘To be worn in the terraces or in the moshpit’


No roof on the KC stadium, luckily.
That Les-tah shirt’s as lazy in design as the pronunciation it’s promoting


Oi lads. Ruffers has confused Hull’s KC Stadium for Leicester’s King Power Stadium. What a faux pas!


I feel like Phil Neville here playing right back at the swamp


Very much so. Ajax’ best player for the last two seasons. Aged 24 seems to be perfect time to make a switch to the Premier League. Not so sure Everton is the best suited club for him, but I can easily see him make a jump to one of the big 6 after a season or 2.


Talking of ex-colleagues… One of my previous direct reports will absolutely be all over this merch…


Good name too


Not so sure. De Boer did extremely well as manager at Ajax, winning the title 4 years in a row, but then flopped at Inter. It’s doubtful he can easily adapt to unfamiliar surroundings.


3 years ago (yesterday)


pretty amazing he got a response! I would have been chuffed with a rejection letter