Nothing happening but transfers football thread


Oh, I agree.

When my five-a-side franchise (Dynamo Crouch on a Monday night, Atletico Crouch on a Wednesday night) put in a ‘cheeky’ bid for Peter Crouch during his time at Southampton, all we got in reply was Rupert Lowe’s out of office. Sad times.

This bloke wouldn’t speak to anyone for the rest of the day, though. He was entirely serious.


Can’t wait for Sunday


There was a vacancy in the last few years that specified real management experience as an essential because of the number of FM applicants. It was quite high profile - can’t remember who…


Everton going a bit gung ho

know nothing about Klaassan but based on his name, he’ll be a HIT


Even we turn people down for interviews when they do applications just based on their FM success


Rumours Conte may leave Chelsea - probably rubbish.


Just announced our first friendly: HOME TO JURGEN NORBERT KLOPP!!!

And then the standard trips to Southport, Grimsby Town, Notts County and Hartlepool United.




Viva rONaldo


If there’s a shred of truth to this, he can fuck off to PSG or China rather than come to United. Basically confirmed rapist fleeing prosecution for tax fraud :thumbsdown:


I’m SJW on anything but football. I’d have him back in a heartbeat


the costa thing seems to be getting really messy now. everyone looks bad:


Also, Big Red Squid fans, how would you feel about Ronaldo back at the swamp?


Would be extremely short-termist but excellent from a footballing standpoint, would be bad from a moral standpoint.


Lots of places reporting that he wants out at Madrid (and Spain). Apart from China, where else would he go? (Ronaldo in China would be hilarious, though)


PSG innit.


Viva Ronaldo
Viva Ronaldo
Wouldn’t pay his tax
so we got him back
Viva Ronaldo


United with Ronaldo

  • Wins Premiership
  • Does not

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would be surprised if he went there tbh. Its either competition or money he’d be interested in, and PSG sort of sit a weird shitty grey zone between the two.


Don’t think we’d win it but, had we had him last season, you can bet your bollocks we wouldn’t have drawn at home to Stoke, Swansea, West Ham, Hull, Burnley etc etc