Nothing happening but transfers football thread


don’t know if he’d have the discipline to stick to that role the way moses has done


Aye, possibly. Thought he looked quite good there when yer man Wenger made the tactical switch though.


It’s briefly mentioned on this Di Marzio article about Juventus wanting Matic, which seems the more likely outcome


Chelsea are having an odd and enjoyable to watch meltdown of a transfer window


Seems like they’ve been good at turning it around with late signings in recent years… or at least, that they’ve done a lot of late business


25K isn’t small.

I can’t find the link now, but there was a report that came out looking at at the success and viability of different new-build stadium sizes in the UK.

I think 25K was about the threshold at which you can no longer accommodate people in a single tier, and so above that it can become a huge drain in terms of running costs if you’re not regularly getting attendances over about 80%.

I think even the most optimistic Bournmouth fan would say that 30K is unrealistic, and it’ll be designed to be expanded if they need to do so.


When social media reveals go wrong


That sounds interesting, hit me up if you ever do stumble on the link again :+1:


Bakayoko tweeting from Manchester and posting pictures of beckham.

Bit weird :grinning:


He is 100% going to Chelsea and will outscore Lukaku by a 3:1 ratio as they win the treble and we finish 7th behind Everton.


you don’t quite have the panache of KiK in this antibants game


He’s definitely going to Chelsea, just seems to think it’s banter to play with the Chelsea fans’ emotions by pretending he’s on the way to United




Reckon you’ve been done by a fake account here pal


Don’t question my social media use please


I’ll never do it again in my life. Sorry, friend.


The article was in a paper magazine, so I don’t think it’s online. This is the closest I can find, and that was from 2004 (so before it became obvious how grounds at places like Darlington or Coventry etc were causing problems for their clubs)

The biggest factor isn’t capacity as such, but land ownership, community use agreements, and who bears the burdens of maintenance. Keeping a ground in the centre of town makes alternative uses much more viable, but also make the site a target for owners who want to sell it for housing, unfortunately.


Linfield vs Celtic at 5pm today. The road to Ukraine starts here! (Ukraine is where the 2018 CL final is)

Hoping for an improvement on last season’s opener, which was a defeat in Gibraltar.


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Really fucking difficult to work when I’m in meltdown.