Nothing happening but transfers football thread


Yep you’re right about 25k threshold. Southend’s new ground (if it ever begins) is going to be 22k.


I see Wazza scored a worldy against … Gor Mahia FC

Will score more than Lukaku AND Moses combined this season…put the mortgage on it


If I see a bet going for it I’m going to stick a tenner on rooney scoring more than lukaku for some top level anti-bants


It’s good, but these two things:

  • Shit opposition. Obviously ping it against that goalie.
  • Shame he did it in that shit shirt.

edit: re-read this. I don’t mean Everton, I just mean this crappy washed out third kit or whatever it is.


Goalie’s miles of his line. That said, the one thing he hasn’t really lost is his ability to hit a blooter. It’s the pace and the touch which let him down


serious question cos it’s a pretty vague phrase that’s thrown around a lot (not necessarily on here but other corners of the internet)

feels like there’s at least 5 times as many world class attacking players as there is defensive players to me

or is that cos the attacking players get talked about more?


He’ll probably score with his first attempted chip for Everton after missing at least 500 at united


yeah sure

I’ve got a feeling he’ll be more confident and composed back at Everton though

fitness will obviously be an issue though


i can imagine that if he went to the MLS or whatever he’d score 25 blooters a season


I think it’s just that attacking players tend to be the ones who need technical ability to break down defences, and so you notice their ability more.


It’s because goals are the money shot for football on TV.

If someone does something great and there’s a goal at the end of it, it’ll be replayed all night. A defender whose positioning keeps a clean sheet without an attacker getting anywhere near the goal tends to be unsung.



Loftus-Cheek definitely should have had more chances, but I’m not entirely opposed to him going out on loan for a year.

@Kallgeese, do you think he’s looked…alright since that horrific injury? For me, understandably, he hasn’t, and again, I reckon a loan could be good for his confidence. Christensen looks a bit tasty too.


good article from James Horncastle breaking down the Bonucci transfer. I suppose there’s kind of a precedent with the lineage of bonkers intra-Serie A transfers, but I thought those days were gone (Juve’s cannibalisation of the rest of the league’s talent feels like a different thing really. Just what Bayern do). If they got Belotti too… oof.

[would’ve thought City and others would be desperate to hijack a deal - and surely offer him far more in wages - at the first sign of his availability. Only explanation can be him being adamant on staying in Italy]


*unless it’s an England player in a major international tournament


Serge Gnabry’s gone straight out on loan to Hoffenheim. In these times of crazy inflated transfers, let’s not forget that Arsenal managed to get £5m for him


Got an awful lot of time for Jack Wilshere to Sampdoria as a potential move.


Here’s hoping there’s enough Bolivian marching powder in Genoa to allow the brave fella to settle in.


This is their owner, reckon he might be good for a hook up tbf:


Questa è solo la tua opinione, uomo