Nothing happening but transfers football thread


bit weird given Hoffenheim came 3rd last year but I guess Bayern don’t really see them as a threat. Still lol Gnarby in the Champions League over Arsenal


Something awfully dodgy about the whole Gnabry business, sure nothing will happen though


oh yeah absolutely, very dodgy indeed


Semedo to Barca. Another player I’ve never seen play missed out on…


they managed third?! fucking hell!

I gradually took my eye off the Bundesliga after the winter break because I started to feel a bit sulky about Köln falling off the pace.


oh snap, @plasticniki our boys FC squeaked 5th place!!


seven years later, and I still sometimes wonder how the hell Robben missed this:


Ramos’ unmarked header is a way worse miss imho


Got something in my eye.


Jackie Snorts can fuck right off. My fave player evz is at Sampdoria. Don’t sully them please :frowning:


Always good to see some sensible refereeing.


Can’t get the link to work, but is this Griffith’s being booked for drinking Buckie at the corner flag?
Should have been a straight red. The card, not the wine! :wink:


Would stake something like… idk… 50,000 beer tokens on Nemanja Matic NOT ever coming to Arsenal. Pretty much the antithesis of a Wenger player. Also swap deals never happen.

Wilshere to Sampdoria would be great for all parties if it happened. We get to sell a guy who is now little more than a financial liability unfortunately, Sampdoria get a technically brilliant player, Wilshere can play in a league that doesn’t expect so much of him physically that he’s just not capable of any more, everyone else gets the novelty value of a(n interesting) British player playing for a mid-table Italian outfit.


QPR finished 5th that year, ahead of Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea (and Man City, in 9th).


I fully expected it to be this:


Fair play to Bonucci for wanting to stay in Italy. It was actually the best league in the world last year. Could’ve named his price to go to City or Chelsea. Quite excited that Milan might be a bit sexy again.

Watched him in a game towards the end of the season, finished 2-2, may have been against Atalanta. He got ripped to bits. Would’ve still swapped our entire defence and the Citroen Saxo for him, but i wonder if Juve think he might just be past his peak.


Milan are paying him £200k a week net tbf.
Think Chelsea and city might have had second thoughts at £400k a week


Think I’m going to go with Schurrle, Interrupted for my ff team name this season


Hey guess what, both Haringey Council and Tottenham Hotspur are fucking scumbags