Nothing happening but transfers football thread




Oh fuck this bullshit


just the 12 beers today, boss?


Given I went to bed at like 7… technically yes?

It’s a good tweet anyway, would recommend


last 2 years mines been sub-standard liege


Half Man Half Busquets for me


Bend it like Peckham

My fave of all time is AC a Little Silhouetto of Milan

Half time in the u19 final between England and Portugal… 0 attempts on target from either team


ben brereton :heart_eyes:


No one else watching the Euros then ?

Good match this


What’s it on?


Andreas Hugo Hoelgebaum Pereira


We signed Tom Huddleston. Thought he was good in The Night Manager


I’m watching in on Swedish TV channel 12

I think it’s on Eurosport in the UK …there’s always streaming

Norway are giving the Dutch way too much space and time on the ball but they’re pretty good at defending on the edge of their box. Their front 3 are good too but they’ve got no link-up through midfield

The Dutch home support is pretty impressive too


Aye, it’s on Eurosport 2, just found it. Prime spot in the UK…


Yeah - good game. Not that many chances but I think that’s down to the Norwegian defence like you say. Couple of good saves too


Yeah, presumably the England and Scotland group games will be on terrestrial ? At least England v Scotland you’d have thought


The Eng games are on C4 but thought we might get terrestrial access to the rest.


yeah, been looking forward to this tournament …should be a good one


really? Is that all? That’s a bit poor


a goal for all Hoogy