Nothing happening but transfers football thread


Sure I’ve seen it advertised somewhere. When is it?


Wednesday 19th


Agree - I would have thought sponsors would be queuing to get their name behind progressive sport coverage.

Maybe Eurosport just outbid them.


Watching this with my dad who keeps saying “go on son”.

Bloody tory.

Might watch the Star Sixes at 7.


Belgium v Denmark after this


I know, but Luis Garcia and Roberto Carlos. Oof.

Probably flick between the two like an insane person.



West Ham are trying to get our last title-winning defence back together, Zabaleta and Hart now joined. Talking to Sagna as well.

Good job the seats are so far away from the pitch really.


Diego Costa’s gone into hiding in Spain, wearing full Atletico kit and taking the piss out of Conte and Fabregas on Instagram. Apparently called them a “poor man’s West Ham - all fur coat and no bloody knickers”.


Think Hart will be announced today, mixed feelings about that one. The Sagna thing isn’t true.


Feel bad for Monaco having their whole team from last season dismantled.


On the other hand - it’s Monaco.


Exactly. I reckon being a farm for selling players to big clubs for ludicrous sums of money fits Monaco pretty well


ITK, mate. ITK. Realistically, Sagna’s probably still got a season or two left in him at a top four club in one of the major leagues. The other two…i’m not sure.


Bit of success every few years, money ticking over, seems alright.

Very few clubs have the power to keep their best anyway, probably only Real Madrid and Barcelona. Maybe Bayern Munich. Everyone else has the worry that players dream of playing for those clubs.


I wouldn’t dream of doubting an ITK. However doesn’t Sagna play right back? Considering they’ve just got Zabaleta and have Byram there as well I find it unlikely they’d get another player in that position.


Ridiculously early title winners predo poll (just for fun and that)…

  • Chelsea
  • City
  • United

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Sounds like you’re not only dreaming of doing it, you’re actually doing it. Please show some respect.


shut your mouth


Think it’s going to be between United and Liverpool, maybe with Spurs involvement.