Nothing happening but transfers football thread


Think his motivation for individual glory would like it tbh, could give them the edge in the CL and wouldn’t have the drop-off in figures domestically as his career winds down


Horrible oily alleged rapist cunt


(also fucking hilarious that Utd fans keep convincing themselves anyone linked with them from Barca/Real isn’t just playing contract games)


Aye, there’s no chance we’re signing him back obvs. We only sign Madrid players when Madrid want them out.


I appreciate you’re on a Theresa-May-in-April type high at the moment mate, but I’ll let that metaphor play out by itself and ask you to be more measured about what you say.



feel free to remove it if you see fit


I’ve not heard about the rape thing?


Trigger warning


Should probably content warning that btw, it’s a harrowing read @Parsefone


The Carabao Cup draw in Thailand went well…


EPIC FAIL, most of those teams aren’t even from Thailand


FALCONS RISE UP!!1! the only futuristic megastadium I have time for.



got a point tbf


[monocle falls out]


They’re Zaha Hadid ones I think? That’s a recurring thing with her in my limited understanding.


dunno, im not expert… her stuff is usually wavy n or odd angles, but never seen a stadium look more like a fanny :joy:


Security weren’t sure Wilfried was who he said he was when Cote D’Ivoire turned up for the 2022 world cup, but luckily Zaha Had id



This is a sloppy, friday afternoon effort and I’m not proud of myself