Nothing happening but transfers football thread


Played anywhere along the back four for us and Arsenal. Surprisingly adept in his two other positions. Surprised we let him go really, got no pace and doesn’t attack but still solid enough defensively.

Zabaleta also played in a number of positions for us, including left-back where he’s sound, and midfield, including away at West Ham in the Cup last season if memory serves.


Sounds like Perisic to Utd is imminent. Will be nice to have a genuinely two-footed player in the squad, ‘cutting inside’ is all well and good but we’ve needed another option than that in the wide areas for ages now. Shame he’s not actually very good really.


40mio. Grim.


everyone sit back and imagine a scenario in which United aren’t very good next season


Doesn’t matter.


well they’re not going to have another treble winning season like last season, so will probably be a comparative disappointment tbh


Mourinho second season. Grimly inevitable they’re going to win the league, as well as some muggy other trophy to make it a double.


Any truth in the aguero to Chelsea rumours city itks?


Euro 2017 - day 2

Both Holland and Denmark had decent opening games, beating Norway and Belgium respectively by identical scores: 1 - 0. During the sold-out Holland game the crowd paid tribute to former international Sylvia Nooij (who died last week, aged 32) and Ajax midfielder Abdelhak Nouri.

Today reigning champions Germany take on arch rivals Sweden, whereas in the other group B game Italy and Russia start their battle for third place. Live on Eurosport and Channel 4’s All 4 online service, from 5 PM onwards.

Fun fact of the day: Germany v Sweden will take place in a stadium named after a rat (Verlegh).


Tammy’s got pipes


I think he’ll probably go if we sign Sanchez. For me, well for pretty much everyone that would be a backwards move, but nothing surprises me with Begiristain. Selling him to Chelsea would be suicidal. Swapping him for Sanchez possibly a bit more likely, but madness either way. If Aguero played for United, or Spurs, or Madrid, we’d be talking a world record fee. The man guarantees goals, guarantees goals in big games, and contrary to popular opinion, is rarely injured. Crazy to even consider forcing him out. Pep’s beef initially was his work rate, so he ran his nackers off all season and he still doesn’t rate him.


Will be delighted if he leaves. Think he’s probably the best player you’ve ever had.
Would prefer if he went abroad as he’ll score a shitload wherever he goes


he’s arguably the best player to ever grace the PL, to be quite honest. comfortably the best striker. it’s crazy that he’s being pushed out.


I reckon he’ll be excellent, actually. proper Mourinho signing, as far from flaky as you can get. as mad as that fee is.


Think you’d have to have Henry, Bergkamp, Zola, Giggs, Shearer, Silva ahead of him, but certainly top ten.


Let’s not forget Sean Dundee.


Aye, was being partly tongue in cheek. He was good when I went to the Milan derby last year. Think he’ll be very effective, workhorse winger is what we need but doesn’t exactly get the heart racing innit.


Will be annoying seeing martial being shipped out though


We played 3 at the back on Saturday. Could be a wing back. He’s got the engine


Don’t think he will be. A loan would be good for him, don’t think we’d sell him permanently at this stage and there doesn’t seem to be any indication that he wants out or anything.