Nothing happening but transfers football thread


Everything’s set up for United carthorsing everyone 1-0 or 2-1 all season, Chelsea having their three-yearly meltdown, and City and Arsenal fans arguing about who plays the better football whilst solidly ten points off top.


Aye, Mourinho said about how we’re working on it as a secondary formation innit, I’m still dubious about back-threes despite all the success and blindingly obvious evidence that they work…


If Wenger can make a back five including Rob Holding, Gabriel and Nacho Monreal work…


I just hope Mourinho stops moping the fuck about and making everything about himself. I used to find him entertaining, now he’s just an annoying prick.

He is a good manager, it would be nice if he was remembered as that.


I’m very much hoping Lukaku can flat-track bully his way to turning all those fucking draws from last season into wins, that will go a very long way.

All a bit daft speculating before squads are finalised but I really can’t see how the combination of Guardiola and that wealth of attacking talent you’ve got on’t be in the running. You’ve got to expect a coach of his calibre to have got some of that naivety about the league out of his system now.

Think Chelsea and Liverpool will fall away, Arsenal will learn quickly how damaging the Thursday/Sunday thing can be, Spurs at Wembley could go either way. There won’t be any excuses at all if both the Manchester clubs aren’t fighting hard for the title come April.


he could/can still do things that those guys couldn’t, Silva aside - the only one of that group I’d put up there with him. the game’s moved up a level since Henry, and Silva and Aguero have been two of the best in world football in this era.


He’s always been like that. Hated him at his pomp at Chelsea. Took all the pressure off the players and changed the narrative away from performance.
His new thing of calling players shit post match seems to have got a reaction out of them too. We will have a good season next season and Jose will implode next as always after 3 years.


His career should be defined by winning the Champions League with Porto. His antics over the last few years do sort of cast a shade on his first Chelsea team, who we forget were brilliant to watch. Real proved too big a club for him, but you get the sense that will always be the case for managers unless they’re quite passive and accept that they’re not bigger than the president there, or even key players.


Yep, i agree.


Treble with Inter was also quite good you’d have to say.


They weren’t so good to watch, and he inherited a very, very good side. Still an achievement, obviously.


well yeah, that would have been 30 extra points and you’d have finished the season as champions 6 points ahead of Chelsea on 99pts



it’s weird. with all this talk of his time at City coming to an end, I can finally appreciate him from the perspective of someone who still watches Youtube highlight reels and tried to re-enact that stuff when I play.

like, I suddenly feel this outpouring of love and respect for just having been able been able to witness him, week in/week out.


Aye, I know it’s completely fucking pointlessly hypothetical to go “oh if we’d done this than this would have been the outcome” but I don’t think I’ll ever stop being pissed off about those fucking results.


Think we have to bear in mind that it was as much down to Mourinho’s tactics and reluctance to play people in their right position as it was a lack of personnel. Played Pogba in a number of roles, often brought Martial and Rashford on wide, didn’t play the latter enough, etc, etc.


Yeah, I reckon the Liverpool, Arsenal, West Brom and maybe the Hull draws can be chalked up to managerial errors with approach and/or errors in selection and substitutions.

The Burnley, West Ham, West Brom, Stoke, Bournemouth, Everton, Swansea etc etc ones were all matches where you’d come away thinking ‘how the fuck have we not won that’ though given the pattern of play and the chances created etc. Obviously players not taking chances isn’t down to luck, it can still boil down to a lack of focus or (quite often the case for us) the players playing in their heads too much which both come down to Mourinho as well but not to such an overt degree.


Rashford played the most of all the outfield players actually and Martial was shite for the majority of the season.
Refusing to not play 4-3-3 was an issue though.


Loving this thread turning into a “we’d have won the league if other teams would have let us score loads more goals” conversation

Really great, interesting stuff.


Absolutely in love with your contributions in here, as ever.


@NoahVale nicked my tom huddleston/hiddleston confusion gag so this is all I’ve got.

Do you mind building a hypothetical table as to the real 16/17 results?