Nothing happening but transfers football thread


I don’t think I would be able to do that


Don’t do yourself down, buddy!

There’s loads of times players for Cheltenham terriers or whoever played well, and you should be allowed to disallow those performances.


Better players (IMhumbleopinion)

Shearer, Zola, Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Drogba, Fat Frank, Shteevie, Giggs, Scholseh, Ronaldo,


100m for perisic and dier is eye watering, even if prices don’t matter


Drogba’s the best shout, there. CR would be undoubtedly the best, but I’m basing this on how much great football we got from them over here.

Rooney for the first seven seasons is up there, too. absolutely unreal watching all the great stuff he did early on strung together.


we’re not actually going to get Dier, are we? seems a complete waste of time when we could get Fabinho for cheaper.


Sweden v Germany tonight

fully expect Germany to totally tear Sweden apart but I still think we’ll be good for a semi final place

I reckon this Euros tournament more than deserves its own thread rather being bundled in with transfers and idle chat but then I don’t really want to ‘ghetto-ise’ the women’s game away from the men’s

what to do?


Looks like Matic is going to Juve


Yeah, I don’t get it. Doubt Monaco will sell now bakayoko has gone but should’ve snapped him up straight away


You’d have to really not like football to think Drogba was better than Aguero, imho. An absolute monster at his peak, and vital to Chelsea, but quality-wise nowhere near. Can’t disagree with anyone else on the list, but if we’re having Lampard and Gerrard in there you’ve probably got to have Toure.

Top three of the modern era for me would be Bergkamp, Zola and Silva. For me absolute skill usurps power, strength, pace, etc, and those three had/have a particular grace about them on and off the pitch.


This is transfers and how Utd would have won the league.

A thread to chat actual football would be novel and welcome.


This thread has got massive and unwieldily, get a new one made IMO.


(He wants us to talk about Newcastle, lads).


+1 for the spinoff Euros thread.

+1 for keeping this one for transfers. Tell me more about how United would have won the league if their results had been different…


The only interesting Newcastle news is in the football strips thread.

We beat Hearts last Friday.


Toure’s been too streaky, really. Maybe its because I don’t watch enough City, but I put Silva in the same bracket as Hazard, Suarez, and Rooney - just below that top tier.

And yeah, I’m probably using a different metric to you - I’d have Rio, Terry, Sol and Vidic up in that top list of players (on reflection)


Not sure about Vidic. Although I mostly saw him playing against Liverpool, where his trousers were routinely pulled down by one Fernando Torres.

If we’re having great players who weren’t necessarily at their best when playing over here – Gazza? Bale? Rush (in the PL years)?


premiership players, mate. football was invented in 1992.

Nah, Bale doesn’t get a look in, especially given his terrible form at Madrid.


Just had a quick Torres recap and stumbled upon this. Not suggesting he’s in the same bracket as the others for a second as he was only shit hot for about a year and a half, but when he was he was unstoppable:


Gotta be trolling here shirley. Other players people have mentioned above are valid but Henry was so, so superior to Aguero. And he wasn’t made to look better through being part of a ‘bad era’; he was a key player in Barca’s 2009 treble-winning team, when he was about 3 years past his peak.