Nothing happening but transfers football thread


Henry was effortlessly brilliant. Loved watching him play even as a Liverpool fan. EVEN that famous clip of him absolutely doing Carragher on the touchline.


haha um… ok


I’m really not. I just think that Aguero has been unbelievably prolific in a more difficult era to play. the compact, low centre of gravity style works better than Henry’s more expansive style would; the amount of goals Aguero gets in tight situations when he really has no right to score, that’s what sets him apart.


there should really be a comp of prominent players being done by Henry




I’m sorry, I just do not accept this opinion


and his part in Barca’s treble-winning team is kind of pivotal in my example; I feel like he benefited from the work Eto’o and Messi did for that team, rather than dominating by himself.


I wouldn’t have thought you would!


what about 2 spin off Euro threads?


oh yeah, that one season before Suarez left was ridiculous. if he’d stuck around, he’d be pushing Aguero for top ranking imho.


I mean if you’re going to do things by halves.

For clarification I’m implying that I think Suarez is better than Aguero. Obviously more of a twat, but I’d rather have him at the top of my team. Scored literally every type of goal repeatedly.


Difference is Barca wanted him. They’ve not gone for Aguero…


Suarez is arguably a superior version of Aguero, I can get behind that. like I say though, in terms of best in the Prem, it wouldn’t make sense to pick him over someone’s who’s operated at that level for more than two seasons.


I mean, yeah he didn’t carry that Barca team obviously. If you want an example of him carrying a team look at him in 2005/6 in a team that had to rely on lasagna to get them to fourth place

Because he had so much natural talent, people forget how much of a physical presence Henry had, and it’s his physique and speed, neither of which Aguero is especially blessed with, that opened up space for him. At his best he was basically a Drogba (albeit less aerially dominant) mixed with a Bergkamp mixed with a Pires, if that same player from about 2000-2006 existed in the modern era of superclub squids and mega scorelines he’d be putting away an absurd amount of goals & assists (for Real Madrid).


I mean €45m for Perisic doesn’t seem so crazy when Kyle fucking Walker is £57m


I’m pretty sure I must be worth £15m-£20m in this market.


You’re worth your weight in gold, mate.


(just worked this out - it’s about £6K)


yeah, he’d be banging in hat-tricks week in, week out for Los Merengues. just not sure he’d be as effective against coaches who are happy to park up, whereas Aguero is one of those players who can just wriggle through spaces that aren’t there, or create a fragment of a second of space to score.


Not sure who we’ll land in CM. Think the Fabinho links were fabricated by the press, Mourinho sees him as a right back. Chelsea were never going to sell us Matic after Lukaku. Despite being bench players, Spurs would be significantly weakened by selling Dier and Walker. Hoping Woody has something sneaky planned