Nothing happening but transfers football thread


That’s not bad, would pay off my debt.

I could genuinely off myself, sell the proceeds, and break even with the world.


Someone has got to sign William Carvalho at some point…


Lukaku’s gonna be your shortest player by the end of this window.


who else even is there? I’m still holding on for Fabinho, but I’m struggling to think of who else there is.


Til the end of the night


He’s strong, he’s fast, he’s fresh from the fight - all the attributes of a world class player.


dunno why preview didn’t load but “lol” at:

  1. St. Pauli for all their punk posturing really being pretty business savvy
  2. Stoke?! Fucking Stoke! Literally the last team I would have expected (well other than someone like Millwall I guess)
  3. This is the first official Germanic-English football relationship, would be interested to see what precedent this might set


It’s lazy to compare Suarez and Aguero, i think. Aguero’s a pure finisher, more similar to, say, Romario, Suarez is a complete attacker who makes and scores goals. I think you could argue that Suarez brings more to a team, in 15/16 he was probably the world’s best player, but he only had two good seasons here…and didn’t win a lot, bar the 13/14 title under Brentdan.


Stoke are bankrolled by Bet365 and have, i’d guess, the 6th or 7th highest net spend in English football. Weird one.


The Bundesliga Brewdog


Pretty much, my pitch to Brewdog when I get there will be “Why haven’t you gone to St. Pauli yet, morons”


Looks like Liverpool might have offered £70m for Naby Keita and £60m for Virgil van Dijk.

The Manchester clubs would get slaughtered for that.


Weird in that Stoke arguably could have gone bigger given their finances?

It is strange, the two clubs couldn’t be more different apart from (mostly) filling their stadium… but pretty much every German team from Bundesliga 2. does that, so why St. Pauli? Other than having the strongest brand in Germany arguably outside of Bayern?


LOL this will go well


Astra might have something to do with it


how so?


They have a close relationship with st Pauli


yes I know, what’s that got to do with Stoke?


OH you’re talking re: brewdog, sorry


Haha :joy::joy:

Couldn’t imagine brewdog doing it on a cold and wet Tuesday night tbf