Nothing happening but transfers football thread



So anyway, I really just meant the area of St. Pauli. Astra are still the official beer provider but I’d imagine Brewdog could make a bit of a dent into that




Went to the Altona stadium while I was over there the other week. Middle of fucking nowhere, we shouldn’t have been anywhere near it.


excuse me, first professional relationship.


it’s not that far out? altona’s a really nice area


I mean, I’m not sure what you guys would have been doing there right enough but it’s definitely not middle of nowhere


I only really watch the u19 league in Germany, tbh.


We had a beer bike organised but given the city was on total lockdown we ended up having to do it in the nice leafy suburban areas (had to walk for ages from Altona as the buses weren’t running either), we looked ridiculous… :smiley:


Course you did, you were on a fucking beer bike.


I mean, yeah. But even more ridiculous than if it hadn’t been in the equivalent of fucking Kingston-Upon-Thames or something.


that is quite funny that I overlooked that given I’m probably in the background of that photo somewhere and own the Altona “Dulwich” shirt:


so this isn’t about Altona, really :wink:



Just going back, briefly, to the whole best player ever in the PL era thing… Robbie Fowler in the mid 90s was absolutely demonic. Could finish from anywhere - right foot, left foot, head.

And then Cantona, in 95/96 pretty much single handedly won United the title. Week after week of 1-0 wins with Cantona scoring the winner often, sublimely. That isn’t to mention his impact on the club and English game for a couple of seasons beforehand.


I daren’t mention Robbie Fowler, but obviously I loved him.


Shortly before they passed away someone asked Thierry henry, Luis suarez, Sergio aguero and robbie fowler (?) How it felt to be the premier league’s greatest ever player. In unison, and without hesitation , they replied 'we’re sorry, we wouldn’t know. You’re going to have to ask Victor Moses ’


One night in 2017, a handful of drownedinsound legends gathered for a dinner in a Qarabağ house.

As the night wore on, the conversation inevitably turned to ‘who was the greatest Premiership footballer of all time?’

Instantly, the great Big Lad Bugduv chose a player who had come close, but never won the PFA Players’ Player of the Year, or even a reached a champions league final.

“David Silva” Bugduv announced, “He was definitely better than champions league winning, 2 time premiership golden boot winner, Didier Drogba.”

The room went silent, Tony wearing a 1997-98 Paul Scholes United shirt nodded his head in agreement, and the matter was settled.



…but by your logic Teddy Sheringham shits all over Didier.


we’ve sold Jacob Murphy to Newcastle for 12.5million. Cheers lads


Are any of you Dulwich Hamlet lot going to the Whyteleafe v Dulwich Hamlet preseason friendly? It’s literally 10 minutes from my house, so i might pop along, maybe.