Nothing worse than performative competitiveness

How do people have the energy for this? Like say in a corporate setting there’s an ice breaker or something and one of the suits is like “and of course we’ll be crowned champions at the end, right, that’s a no brainer” and everyone laughs at the competitive banter. Kill me now. It’s so fucking tedious.

But then you get people coming out with really clichéd stuff as well once they’ve won, going through the gloating/rubbing it in motions like how I imagine Prince Harry to be or The Boat Race people. Some people get really into it as well even if the competition is just fabricated out of nothing for the sake of an icebreaker or team building event. Cheers.


Lowkey love quizzes in work though as a chance to remind anyone senior they know nothing and need to shut up


“Campeones, campeones!” carrying round a little fake trophy

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I reckon I’m one of the least competitive people out there, ain’t nobody less competitive than me!

Anyone want to challenge me on that? No? Didn’t think so…




Feels like i read this thread two weeks ago but it was actually this morning

Yeah i agree

I hate these so much that I have fabricated excuses like really important deadlines or meetings I needed to attend, or just outright pulled a sickie if there wasn’t a good reason on the table for me to not be there. team building ‘away days’ too. they’re usually organized well in advance, so you wait until the dates have been absolutely firmed up, you yourself have confirmed your attendance, and once that’s done its ‘oh no, just realized I’ve got a wedding in johannesburg those days, shit’.

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