Notice period woes #32302390


me again.

long story short, I handed my resignation in at my current job 10 days ago and my line manager was fine with my notice period (2 months). he even got me to announce my departure to the rest of the team 3 days after that. today, he’s told me that the vice president of our division isn’t happy with this and I have to work an additional 2 weeks beyond my notice period. Obviously in the interim, I’ve signed a contract with my new employer, having had confirmation that my notice period was fine.

wtf do I do.


Fuck that mate, work the two months and do one.


just leave when you said you were going to leave. why is this even a question? get on with it, profk.


yeah, but I need a reference. I’ve worked here for almost three years and have a good relationship with my manager which is the most upsetting part of it.


because my contract states 3 months of notice.


Get them to do the reference, then fuck off


nobody on earth truly expects three months’ notice. nobody. 2-4 weeks. bosh.


You agreed it (in writing?) with your manager, and you’ve signed a contract with your new place. You’re done. It’s their mix-up. What kind of reference do you even need? Surely they just have to confirm that you were indeed employed there in whatever role. They can’t refuse to give that.


Yeah, I gave him my notice letter and he said the period was fine and wished me luck with my new role.



This pretty much. If there’s any beef, the Vice President bloke needs to take it up with your manager, but as they’ve processed it all, it’s really not your problem! I wouldn’t worry.


ta for the backup <3


“I’ve already signed a new contract and have a start date because you said that leaving date was fine”

“Oh fair enough. Good luck with your future endeavours”

^what will happen