Notifications not loading

Hi. Having an issue with notifications. I can see the blue marker on the icon but when I click on it, the list thing doesn’t load.

On mobile and have tried different browsers and site themes, etc.

Any ideas of how to fix this?

This is also happening and I have to fully refresh the page for anything to work.

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@ma0sm are you getting this too?

No, just liked your picture


It is a good one tbf

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Yeah I’ve been having the same problems. Did you get this sorted? I assume the issue is probably my crappy phone as per usual.

I have not. Glad it’s not just me though.

@whiterussian any ideas at all?

Sorry. No idea what’s causing this, I’m not having the same issue.

@justindirose, any ideas?

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There could be a bug we fixed, so I’ll get the latest version deployed on the site. Otherwise, it could be browser or browser plugin related, too.

EDIT: The deploy has been completed!


This is working now, thanks Justin.


Our hero!

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Yep, just realised it’s working again for me. Now I can catch up on all those sweet ‘likes’ I’ve missed. Thanks everyone!