Notifications taking ages to show up

this happening to anyone else? get a notification and realise it was a reply that i already read 10 minutes before. quite annoying tbh.

Yeah that Duran Duran bloke has replied to me but no notification yet


Yeah had this last night.


I’m getting this right now! :open_mouth:

Me too

me 5.

I, also.

Me too fwiw

Not a problem for me.

Maybe you guys have just become as boring as I am so no one bothers to interact with you?

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Same, very laggy

Speak for yerself mate my hot takes demand answers


Eh, point is I get them notifications flying in

I don’t have notifications for either of your replies. Man, I am experiencing this too!!! :smiley:

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Whether they come in thick and fast or not at all, I believe my fixing refers to the sorts of responses your Hot Takes deserve :wink:

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The puppetmaster

Finally had all my notifications from you in this thread :smiley:


This is really annoying.