Notifications taking ages to show up


This is really annoying.


Steady on, it’s hardly a Jordan thread. :wink:


sort it out theo!!!


This is definitely an issue.

At the same time, I’m reading the last post in threads, going back to the social board, seeing a thread has a new post, going back into it and seeing the last post was the one I’d just read…


Yep, this is defintely a thing


Likes seem fine but not getting notifications for replies


Irked to the max on this one


yeah what’s up with that


Happening for me too today.


It’s hard for me to really say as someone whose posts are more or less constantly liked by a plethora of definitely real people.


And yet @discourse remains silent on the issue, for shame!

Seriously guys, any fix for this?


Oh god it’s so annoying if you’ve made a thread. Getting dribs and drabs of notifications for posts made hours ago…


Couldn’t find anything similar on, so I raised a ticket.



(mine seem to be working fine btw)


Hi everyone!

Thanks @ma0sm for the report, this was fixed in the code last night, we’re getting the update deployed out to all sites now.

Please do create a ticket on, or have an staff member email our support email when an issue like this occurs. We deprecated support for the @discourse mentions a few months ago. Sadly with so many hosted sites we can’t monitor them all like we used to.


Thanks for the update.

I’m still getting this problem, is there an ETA as to when the fix will be deployed here? Also, I’ve noticed my post on the Discourse forums no longer seems to be there, is there a reason for that? Was it a duplicate? If so, what’s the post where this is being tracked?


This has become a problem in the last week or so for me


Who gives a shit


My ego