Nottinghill Carnival


I am not gong anyway this year but usually go on the Sunday have some food and a bit of a dance and generally have a good time.
My question to you is: Does the recent attacks put you off an event like this? If you were organiser would you cancel it as it must be a nightmare for the police and very exposed?


Went once in 2009 and it was awful, which luckily was enough to put me off it for life.


Would love to go one day. I think if we start cancelling this sort of event we may as well give up


I sort of a agree but over policing kind of ruins it anyway - funnelling people every where and not allowing free movement stops the carnival spirit.


I get this, but was thinking more about the idea of cancelling large open-air events because of the risk of attacks.


Will be going to Chapeltown carnival in Leeds

Letting the tiny risk of something happening put you off is just letting the hate win


the smell of notting hill for days after is beyond explanation


Must play havoc with the property prices


Jesus, ban request


I wouldn’t put me off but I would definitely think twice to letting my children go (if I had some)



try and imagine being trapped inside a stale can of Fosters. That aroma is incredibly specific



Ok Buzzkillingdon


it does smell insanely bad, tho. and trash everywhere. (mainly beer cans, hence the smell)


I’ve never been

The thought of being in streets tightly packed like that, where it takes real effort just to move a short distance gives me the willies (and that’s with no thought/ consideration for a real or imagined terrorist threat)

Not for me. Maybe it’s not actually like I think it is, I dunno


Never been. Never will.


should have been the Remain slogan tbh


Yeah people do just tend to piss everywhere, I remember it was a bone dry day and went to a secluded corner for a piss and the ground was like a swamp!


yep. just ugh.


One time I went, we had a quick sort of picnic before in hyde park. I was unaware that a big kitchen knife had been put in the bag and it fell out later in Notting Hill lol.