Very underrated confectionary item. Had a few this week because they’re relatively low calorie compared to an equivalent chocolate bar or similar. Are you a fan?



No, thanks for asking though.


I haven’t seen them for a long time but I may eat one if I saw one


If this is what’s in a mars bar then yes


Sainsbury’s and Co-ops seem to have them, not sure about Tesco.


It is, alongside caramel.


no u gat


I go to Bo’s but I don’t go to Sco’s or coop


How do you pronounce Nougat?

  • Noo gart
  • Nugget
  • Noo gut
  • Now gat
  • Nguyen
  • Other

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Nou year, nougat


noo gat


I like it in the context of a bar, with other stuff going on - but just nougat, by itself,



So nou, so gat.


Like a Double Decker from time to time, not a fan of nougat on its own so much.






Nougat is awesome. Would I give up all other confectionary if I was allowed to keep nougat? Possibly, maybe if I could also have Mr Tom bars


Love a bar of nougat, especially from one of them ye olde sweete shoppes